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Lynn Condy

May 19, 2022

Diabetes Administrative Assistant

My name is Lynn Condy. My former husband and I had a wonderful family of 4 boys. I decided to stay home with them, and, after my 5th boy was born I started up a home daycare where I looked after other children within our neighbourhood.

The biggest challenge in my life was having to learn to live without my first born son (who passed away at 17) all the while supporting my other 4 sons as well as my then-husband.

It is my belief that everything – regardless of how negative it may look at the beginning – will ultimately have a positive outcome.

It was important that I pass this life lesson on to my 4 remaining children, especially in the wake of their recent loss.
I started up a charitable organization, mainly focusing on the West Hill community area. My children also helped out with the organization. The charity’s goal was to help bring awareness of mental health issues in teenagers. It was our goal to “normalize” the stigma by talking about it openly and by attending community events along with hosting quarterly Speaker Nights.

I have been with SCHC for approximately 14 years now and have seen many changes. I hold on to the belief that regardless how negative things may look in the beginning, ultimately they will have a positive outcome. Change occurs in a working environments and the end result may not always be obvious.

I am optimistic about the future of SCHC. My biggest issue has always been that SCHC is Scarborough’s best kept secret. It’s my thought that in the future, Marketing will play a large, everyday role promoting all of our vital services to all Scarborough residents.

I am very proud and feel fortunate to be a part of SCHC and to work with an organization centered on assisting the people within the Scarborough community.

SCHC is proud of staff members like Lynn, who have been with our organization for years and tirelessly dedicate their time and efforts to provide quality services to our clients.