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Mission Vision Values

Mission Statement

SCHC is dedicated to meeting the diverse, holistic health needs of the communities of Scarborough by addressing the physical, mental, social, financial and environmental aspects of their health. Through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the delivery of a comprehensive range of culturally competent health and social services, we cultivate vital and connected communities.

Vision Statement

To be recognized by our clients, communities and partners as leaders in championing holistic health and wellness for the diverse populations of Scarborough.

Our Values I.C.A.R.E.


We believe in creating an atmosphere that is reflective of the diversity of our community, eliminating any physical, social, psychological, or systemic barriers . This includes creating a welcoming and non-discriminatory environment that encourages a sense of belonging in our organization.

Community Engagement

Our client-centred and community-oriented organization is built on a framework of transparency, open communication, and sharing . We believe in building partnerships with members of our community to maintain a firm understanding of what our clients require, in order to adapt to changing needs.


We have a responsibility to our community of clients, staff and funders to remain transparent at all levels of the organization; to provide accurate, reliable, and timely services and information; to ensure ethical decision-making policies; and to continuously ensure that our clients are receiving the best and most effective services possible.


All members of the SCHC community deserve compassion, dignity and empathy. To achieve this and build the trust of our community, we believe we must begin from a foundation of non- judgmental respect and inclusivity.


We recognize and respect that our community members come from diverse backgrounds, and often access our organization according to their current needs. In order to accommodate the specific requirements of our clients and to provide them with the best services possible, we assess and identify the level of service they require while at SCHC and provide them with the right resources for their continued off-site support.