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March 21, 2023

Zahra on How SCHC’s Support Empowered Her

Interviewed by Tagan Mani, Marketing and Fund Development Coordinator

Having a good supporting foundation that allows us to have a voice and grow as a person, even during trying times. I spoke to Zahra, a long-time client of SCHC who wanted to share her story with SCHC with others to express her gratitude. Here is what she had to say.

Hi, my name is Zahra. I have been living in Scarborough for 15 years now and have been a client of SCHC for 14 of those years. When I moved from the USA I didn’t have a health card but SCHC was there to help me with various services before I could get OHIP. It was scary because of the medications I require but because of the resources I was provided by SCHC, reduced the barrier and fear which made things more manageable. Now that I have OHIP, I still choose to go to SCHC’s Community Health Centre (CHC) because I really like the service. That’s why I say, whether or not you have insurance or not or a regular family doctor or not, the CHC can provide great care for you. There’s always room for growth, but I am beyond thankful for the support SCHC has provided me in terms of my health as I was treated with outstanding care. The medical team has been a tremendous help and aid to the improvement of my health.

In particular, Dr. Mehta always gives expert medical advice to help me navigate and is always kind in his bedside manner. Nurse Fennie has always given me a tremendous amount of care and kindness during her visits to me. It is clear that both are truly invested in the care of their patients because there isn’t an appointment that goes by where don’t feel cared for and satisfied.

As for Amy, the social worker, she is a great person to talk to as her counseling has helped me a lot, and offers to help out whenever needed. She always has an answer when asked a question and provides a wealth of knowledge about resources available such as medication and medicinal benefits. Amy is a really good liaison between being a social worker and the Scarborough community. For example, she would share what activities are happening at The Hub such as the homework club. This is a big help to me who is a mom of 5 children as they get to sign up for programs like this and other programs that focus on cooking and arts. They are planting seeds in the community, with every seed they plant is something that grows in the community.

I just really want to thank them for the time they spend on their clients and the commitment they make. I know it’s their job but it doesn’t feel like they are doing it just because they are obligated to, they are doing it because they care. It’s a great support network that becomes familiar because when you walk into the CHC it truly feels like an inclusive community. It actually is that type of place.

I feel honored to have been a client for the past 14 years of Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities. I feel like I have grown so much as a person because of SCHC as it provides a network of resources that allowed me to focus on my health and offers good exposure to the Scarborough community. Having that support empowered me. I went to school before moving here but I recently went back to complete my undergraduate degree.

I hope that voicing my gratitude can shine a light on the kindness, expertise, and professionalism that is shown and given whenever I am at SCHC. Thank you again!

fennie, zahra, and amy in front of SCHC logo at the ellesmere location