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Ullanda Niel

May 19, 2022

I did a placement with SCHC back when they were Westhill, and I thought it was amazing because I got to work with the diverse population in Scarborough, people from all over the world. So after my residency, I started working with SCHC again in 2014, as a family doctor. I even got to be one of the people who helped found the school clinic at the Willowpark School.

I get to help children who are having difficulty learning in the classroom and see if there are medical reasons behind their difficulties. In fact, I have treated kids with behavioural issues, and in turned out that it was a medical problem that had gone undetected. Once the medical issue was diagnosed and treated, the behavioural issues also cleared up.

I almost became a paediatrician, but then I realized that to treat the kids it’s necessary to know the entire family’s dynamic. Sometimes kids with behavioural issues may have moms suffering from depression or chronic pain, and as a paediatrician you may miss that factor. As a family doctor, I enjoy doing that research, putting the pieces together, building a connection with my patients and addressing the whole family’s needs.

I have extra training in working with adults with disabilities, and one of my favourite parts of my job is being a real advocate for my patients and their caregivers.

When one of my patient’s was diagnosed with cancer, I was there to support the family and provide reassurance as they went through the whole treatment process. Being there for my patients and knowing they depend on me fulfills me.