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Mysha Salmon

May 25, 2024

My Journey with SCHC: A Volunteer Experience

Getting Started

In October of 2022, my journey with SCHC began. I first encountered this wonderful organization at a volunteer panel hosted by my university. The warmth and enthusiasm of the staff immediately drew me in. Eager to make a difference, I quickly completed both in-person and online training sessions, and by April 2023, I was matched with my client.

Drawn to the Cause

The in-home Hospice program was the aspect of SCHC that captivated me the most. The one-on-one time spent with clients in their own homes creates a unique opportunity for deep, meaningful connections. For clients who can’t go out often, having someone dedicated to spending time with them is incredibly impactful. Being in their safe space, I can provide not just care, but also companionship, making a real difference in their lives. Additionally, I have the chance to interact with their family members, getting to know them on a personal level. These profound relationships are what make me feel like I truly belong in in-home Hospice care.

Choosing SCHC

The welcoming nature of SCHC’s staff played a huge role in my decision to volunteer with them. From the volunteer panel to the training sessions, everyone was incredibly kind and supportive. Listening to the heartfelt stories shared by fellow volunteers during training made me feel like I was in a safe, special place. SCHC also offers a variety of volunteering sectors, allowing me to explore my options and choose the path that resonated most with me.

My Volunteer Activities

My client has limited communication skills, so our activities mainly involve playing puzzles and memory games. Some of these games include matching words to pictures or numbers. These sessions are not just fun but also therapeutic, providing mental stimulation for my client.

Staying Motivated

What keeps me motivated is the warm welcome from the family and the little moments shared with my client. Despite her limited communication, there are times when she recalls a cherished memory, which warms my heart. She truly enjoys our puzzle sessions, and her family has told me it’s the highlight of her week. Knowing that my visits bring joy and make a difference makes me look forward to every week.

The SCHC Community

Volunteering with SCHC feels like being part of a big, impactful community. The supportive staff, regular events, and newsletters all contribute to a sense of belonging. I feel secure knowing that support is available whenever I need it.

Personal Motivation

My personal connection to Alzheimer’s disease, through my grandmother who lives overseas, deeply motivates my involvement. Volunteering with a client with Alzheimer’s allows me to feel like I am making up for the time I can’t spend with my grandmother. This personal connection drives me to show up and give my best.

A Message to Future Volunteers

Volunteering is a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a strong heart. My progress at SCHC has been remarkable. From feeling shy and uncertain during my first visit, I now eagerly anticipate each week, enjoying conversations and jokes with the family, and seeing my client’s eyes light up when I arrive. If I could go back, I would join even sooner. Volunteering not only changes the lives of those you help but also profoundly enriches your own life.

Join SCHC and make a difference—one visit at a time.