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EarlyOn Client

November 17, 2022

How The EarlyOn Team Provides Relief and Cherished Memories During Hard Times

Interviewed by Tagan Mani, Marketing and Fund Development Coordinator

When we think of the holiday season we often think about the joyous celebrations and traditions, but we often forget the number of people struggling during this time. That’s why SCHC’s holiday program, A Gift To Remember, exists. There are various types of people who find this time of year stressful and challenging. This is why we are thankful for the generosity of donors who can help us support these individuals. I spoke to one of our EarlyOn clients and recipient of the Holiday program, to ask about her experience with this program, and what it means to her. Please note the client requested to be listed as anonymous.

The client is a single mom of three kids who moved to Scarborough about four years ago. As someone who was struggling to support her children, she still wanted to do what she can to get her children to be familiar with the community. She eventually discovered SCHC’s EarlyOn Child and Family Centre and has been attending programs ever since. She mentioned that she was thankful to discover it as it helped her connect with other parents and her children engage with other children at the centre. She mentioned that even in the pandemic, they continued to accommodate and offer programs such as a Math program, which helped her second son a lot. Because of attending the EarlyOn program, she was also able to be exposed to SCHC’s other programs and services, such as the Food Bank which she is also very thankful for.

She mentioned how special the holiday season was because of the big assistance from the Gift to Remember and the fond memories it generated. Via the EarlyOn program, recipients were provided with brand-new winter jackets, toys, gift cards, and more that served as a big relief to her. She felt genuinely happy during the celebration whether it was through zoom or online as the memories she has of her children being so happy are something she can never forget. She also mentioned how her entire family looks forward to the picture with Santa and that seeing her children with happy faces is a great memory she cannot erase.

It was rewarding speaking to this client because she expressed her gratitude to me about this EarlyOn program and how accommodating the staff is and how much effort they put in for the kids, such as the trips they go on to the zoo, fire station, and more. As a single mother, she is thankful for what they do because these trips are not something she could afford or access, but the EarlyOn team is always willing to help and allow the children to be educated about different cultures and communities through these activities. 

This mother is still a client of the EarlyOn Child and Family Centre, but also started to take classes to help her advance professionally. She couldn’t have been in this position if it wasn’t for the help she was given. That’s why we are genuine when we say we rely heavily on the compassion of our donors and remind them that they are making a significant impact on the lives of others. Whether you want to start a drive or donate directly, we will always appreciate your support for A Gift to Remember.