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Social Work Week 2024

March 6, 2024

Written by Maria Borgai, Social Worker – Diabetes Program

March 4th to 10th is Social Work Week in Ontario, and across Canada, March is National Social Work Month.

The 2024 theme, Social Work Opens Doors, speaks to how social workers help open doors to more significant mental well-being, safety and stability. This March, we invite you to learn more about how social work opens doors for people across Ontario. Join us in celebrating this essential work. Social workers in Ontario confidently and effectively support individuals in improving their mental well-being, safety, and stability daily.

SCHC’s social workers work within interdisciplinary teams to provide a broad range of accessible, patient-centred, and comprehensive services to address the social determinants of health. 

Social workers across the organization provide mental health services, chronic disease management, Caregiver support, Bereavement and palliative care, seniors support, addiction and harm reduction services, sexual abuse and Domestic violence care, Community violence, well-being and recovery, Systems navigation and case management. 

Social Workers’ responsibilities include:

  • 1. Assessment
  • 2. Creating a treatment plan in collaboration with the client
  • 3. Providing referral services to community support and resources
  • 4. Evaluating and monitoring improvement
  • 5. Advocating on the client’s behalf and 
  • 6. Addressing community issues such as poverty, housing, education, healthcare and environment 

These interventions open doors to new and empowering pathways and opportunities for the people they support.

To get connected to a social worker at SCHC, contact us at (416)-847-4134