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Reading Partnership Program 2024

May 30, 2024

EarlyON Black Innovation Grant Spring 2024 Review

The impact of the Reading Partnership Program for Black Families (RPBP) goes beyond children and their caregivers learning the foundations of literacy. It is a holistic approach that promotes community building, fosters positive interactions, improves communication, and improves wellbeing.

“The program provides opportunities for Black caregivers to learn through interacting and sharing ideas about early learning. Families engage through discussions and games to stimulate positive learning environments. As a facilitator, I work with children and their families to provide fun and interactive tips and games they use during the program and at home. With the continuation of this grant, we have been able to continue the hard work put into this program by the previous facilitators, Muna and Chanel, and keep amplifying the voice of Black families”.

– Kimisha, Earlyon Registered Educator

“Facilitating RPBP has allowed me to work with caregivers and their children on foundations for literacy. Through interactive activities, families get to see where they were lacking key elements the program offered, which helped them to better assist with their children’s learning. Delivering the program gave me a deeper understanding of some of the challenges Black families face due to cultural differences, customs, and the effects on the community. For example, families shared how the program allowed them to make connections about exposing their children to diverse reading materials, allowing them to better see the world.

I wish the innovation grant continues so more families can benefit, thus improving literacy for Black families”.

– Antoinette, Earlyon Registered Educator

“The program has been so helpful for me and my family. The support and guidance from the facilitators have undoubtedly made a positive impact. I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and share how beneficial the program has been for our family’s growth and development… Now my kid can read, and I see ways to help her become better”.

– Felix, Reading Partnership Program Parent