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Quest Through Scarborough 2019

May 10, 2022

Written by
Krysta-Leigh Thames, Communications and Marketing Student

Last year’s Quest Through Scarborough fundraising event was pretty awesome. With all the support from the SCHC community, we were able to raise $17,000 for Summer camps, Hospice/Palliative Care program and Senior services.

It was so good that we had to bring it back in 2019. All participants had a great time ‘questing’ through Scarborough and participating in the organized activities. It was indeed a day to remember! If you don’t believe us, take it from three of last year’s participants who say they had a great time.

​​Sharmistha and the Corporate team having fun at the Photo Booth!

When asked about her experience these last two years of the Quest Through Scarborough, SCHC’s savvy Financial Analyst, Sharmista Sarkar says “I really enjoyed the 1st staging of the Quest Through Scarborough! We went to the different locations and did various activities.” She especially loved the photo booth with fun themes and costumes and “Obviously the food was awesome!”

Not only is the Quest a staff and volunteer activity, but one which welcomes SCHC’S family, friends and wider Scarborough community.

Of the family members who participated is Chris Beesley, the husband of SCHC’s vibrant Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Lori Beesley. Chris says he has lived in Scarborough his whole life and knows the importance of SCHC and the programs they offer, “It’s the heartbeat of Scarborough.” He says, “Participating in the Quest allowed me to raise money for SCHC and have some fun with family and friends. They even fed us!”

Chris signed up with his mother, son and two close friends.

The Beesley clan at the Quest

His mother, Bonnie Beasley who is in her 70’s, was equally excited about last year’s Quest. She particularly loved the opportunity of bonding with her family while having fun. Bonnie says, “The Quest allowed me to do something fun with both my son and grandson while raising money for a great cause. How often can 3 generations all participate equally and have fun together?”

The SCHC team behind the event worked hard to make the event seamless and it clearly showed. Bonnie says “The event was really well organized and I’d like to participate again. Looking forward to the next one!”

When asked what she would say to SCHC team members who hadn’t ever been on the Quest, Sharmista said (with a beaming smile) “Go for the Quest through Scarborough! You’ll learn about the programs we provide, the communities we serve and you’ll meet up with fellow colleagues you’ve never met before!”

We didn’t have to say it, you heard it from 3 previous participants who clearly had a ball. Register now. If not, you could be losing out on a great opportunity to explore Scarborough and win some awesome prizes. We will tell you a secret (it’s not really a secret), the 1st place Quest Team will win 4 tickets to the Art Gallery of Ontario, the team who fundraises the most amount of money will snag for themselves tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium and the 1st individual fundraiser will carry home a Canon Printer.

But the prizes do not stop there! Other prizes include passes to the ROM, Hockey Hall of Fame, CNE tickets and even two CN Tower passes. You can’t afford to miss this!

As you can probably tell, this year, the Quest team is working even harder and making it even better.  That being said, we have just one question for you, “Have you signed up for the Quest yet?”

Get your team ready, dig up that magnifying glass and tie your shoelaces. Register now at or support someone else’s team by clicking “Donate Now”.