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Palliative System

About this Program

SCHC’s Community Hospice Program team is dedicated to providing compassionate, respectful and holistic care for individuals and families in Scarborough who are facing life-limiting illness and grief.

The Palliative System Navigation is a centralized service that links individuals and families to palliative services throughout Scarborough. The team ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal and will be with you throughout the trajectory of your illness, including grief and bereavement support for families and friends.

Registered professionals with specialized knowledge in Hospice Palliative Care, along with professionally screened and trained volunteers work with you to ensure you are able to live fully, safely and confidently in the setting of your choice.

Hospice Palliative Care is compassionate, holistic healthcare that aims to relieve suffering – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and improve the quality of life for persons who are living with or dying from a life-limiting illness or who are bereaved. The goal of hospice palliative care is to provide comfort and dignity for the person living with the illness as well as the best care and support for her or his family. Hospice care can happen at home, in hospital, hospice care centres or other places that people call home.

Planning Ahead.

We know that with the right support, services and information, caring for someone to the end of life can be manageable and meaningful for all involved. Connecting with us early on will help families better understand their loved one’s wishes and may ease the way when there are difficult decisions to make down the road.

The sooner you connect with us to help you make the best possible plan, the sooner you can focus on living instead of on dying.

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