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Hospice Psychosocial Spiritual Care Program

About this Program

A vital component of Hospice Palliative Care, psychosocial spiritual care, provides assessment and carefully planned provision, documentation and referral for clients’ emotional, social, and spiritual needs through “a process of actively listening to the client’s story” within larger stories around them of family, community, culture or faith identity.

SCHC’s Community Hospice Program team is dedicated to providing compassionate, respectful and holistic care for individuals and families in Scarborough who are facing life-limiting illness and grief.

What is Psychosocial Spiritual Care?

What is most precious in your life?
Who and what do you value?
How will you live with this new and uninvited reality?

Many people find emotional, mental and spiritual support helpful when facing life-limiting illness.

For some, spirituality is mainly an expression of faith and religious belonging. For others, spiritual expression may be rooted in body, mind, heart or soul through expressions of love and connection for family, friends, animals, nature, the arts, work, culture, or learning.

Psychosocial Spiritual Care offers carefully planned, collaborative, supportive care for your needs as well as the needs of your family, friends, and caregivers. Through compassionate listening and inclusive, welcoming presence, we assist you to draw upon your own emotional and spiritual resources or find new ways to create meaning, value, purpose, and connection in the face of illness or dying.

Our Care Includes:

  • Individual end of life emotional and spiritual counselling
  • Provision for personal reflection, emotional processing, meditation, prayer or religious ritual needs
  • Supportive care for designated family, friends, caregiver, SDM
  • Assistance in facilitating interpersonal communications within family system
  • Liaising with client and family’s identified faith and cultural leaders and communities
  • Referral to appropriate medical and interdisciplinary health practitioners and community programs
  • Coordination of emotional, social, spiritual and religious volunteer support
  • Assistance and referrals in legacy and memorial planning
  • Resource planning & support for active dying & post-death care
  • Immediate bereavement support and referral for follow-up care
  • There are no fees for our service.


  • Anyone over 18 years of age
  • Residing in Scarborough
  • With a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness

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Psychosocial Spiritual Care Coordinator