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Bereavement Care

About this Program

​SCHC’s Community Hospice Program team is dedicated to providing compassionate, respectful and holistic care for individuals and families in Scarborough who are facing life-limiting illness and grief.

Our Bereavement Care programs are part of the suite of services offered through our Community Hospice Team. We offer support and information to any individual in Scarborough coping with grief and loss.

When someone important to you has died, we provide companionship and support as you learn to live with grief in your unique way. Your journey. Your choices.

After meeting with a staff member, you will be offered a range of opportunities to access our services:

You can meet individually with a rigorously screened and professionally trained volunteer for peer support. Our volunteers are not professionally trained counsellors or therapists. Still, they are people like you who have experienced a death in their family and are on a similar journey of learning to live with their grief. You may consider joining one of our peer-facilitated, mutual support bereavement groups. We offer a range of mutual support bereavement groups around specific loss experiences, educational groups, and Therapeutic Art, Walking and Meditation groups for grieving people.

What is Grief?

  • A natural response to loss.
  • A unique experience for every person.
  • Not a problem to be fixed.
  • An experience we all share as a result of being human.
  • Something that can be experienced because of both death and non-death related losses.

Grief is a holistic experience that impacts us in different ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. The experience of grief is normal, natural and unique for every person and every loss. Grief allows us to say goodbye to what was and prepare for what is yet to come.

We believe that everyone carries the capacity within her/himself to integrate their loss experiences and learn to live with grief if given safe and supportive places to explore and experience grief in whatever way makes sense to them.

It is Never too Soon to Connect.

Our staff and volunteers are available to provide support in ways that are least intrusive to your present situation. We believe and honour that you are in the ‘driver’s seat’ and direct your care needs. You can meet with our Bereavement Care Coordinator to discuss the available support and decide when and how you would like to access support. Although you may choose to wait to access support, you may wish to register with Hospice Bereavement Care Services and then simply call us when your needs change. Self and community referrals accepted. All referrals will be assessed for eligibility and linked to appropriate services.

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