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Palliative Care Conference 2024

Palliative Care in a Changing World!

Palliative Care in a Changing World is the 2024 Palliative Care Conference hosted by Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities. The goal of this conference is to explore important topics that our industry experiences every day.

Date: March 27, 2024

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Venue: Scarborough Convention Centre

Key insights include

  • Palliative Care in the Changing world; Cultural mosaic and beyond
  • Transforming Health Care Systems from inside out
  • Psychedelics at the End of Life
  • Anti-Black Racism and the price of living and dying
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Industry Trade Show
  • Breakfast, Breaks & lunch included

The conference includes continental breakfast, breaks, sit-down luncheon, industry trade show, event pricing and educational sessions from top industry professionals.


Jennifer Spear, MBA

Jennifer is a Recovering Corporate Executive, Keynote Speaker, Researcher, Facilitator, Emcee, Moderator and Trainer who loves challenging and partnering with her clients to Work & Lead UnScripted. Regardless of the constraints, Jennifer delivers customized experiential, engaging and practical solutions for each unique situation, in-person or online.

Jennifer sits on the Board of Directors of Meetings Mean Business Canada representing the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers. Jennifer is a contributor to Forbes and is the author of the upcoming book “Unscripted” and is excited about her Chaos2Clarity research study that uncovered the secret to well-being, which is how we embrace uncertainty.

Nadia Prendergast RN, PhD

Nadia Prendergast is an Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University. She completed her nursing degree at Sussex University, England, and worked as a public health nurse when she came to Canada. She went on to do her Master’s, and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. where she focused her research on the experiences of Black nurses within Canada and understanding their journey through the lens of anti-Black racism and the forms of resistance, she has a passion for intergenerational work and uses drama and arts-informed learning as avenues to address anti-Black racism resistance when creating a positive path for healing and restoration. As a proponent of working across generations, she advocates for a convergence of collective responsibility that crosses differences, by using an intergenerational integrative approach. She is an advisor to several committees and organizations providing insight into anti-Black racism and promoting Black flourishing. As the founder of the BRAVE project (Building Relationships Across Villages through Enquiries), she takes a scholarly and pragmatic approach to promoting intergenerational partnerships in her work toward dismantling the intersecting barriers of race, class, and gender. She is committed to expressing her work’s Ubuntu philosophy of compassion, peace, and humanity. 

Olga Nikolajev RN, MA, FT

TheraPsil, a pioneering nonprofit founded in 2019, is dedicated to transforming healthcare by advocating for legal access to psychedelic therapy for Canadians in medical need. Focused on supporting those facing mental health conditions such as end-of-life anxiety, our coalition of healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates champions the regulation and accessibility of psilocybin therapy. 

At the core of TheraPsil’s efforts is the establishment of a trusted ecosystem for medical professionals. We offer extensive training and support for healthcare providers interested in psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, aiming to create a compassionate and ethical practice environment.

In August 2020, TheraPsil achieved a historic breakthrough in Canada’s medical landscape. Through relentless advocacy, we secured ‘section 56 exemptions’ from the Minister of Health, enabling four terminally ill Canadians to access approved psilocybin therapy. This milestone, the first of its kind since 1974, marked a watershed moment in expanding compassionate care options.

Our mission is to shape a future where compassionate and effective healthcare, including psychedelic therapy, becomes accessible to all Canadians in need.

Dr Joan Mackenzie Chan, MD CCFP

Medicine is at a crossroads. Our daily work demands continue to increase, patients’ health concerns grow more complex, and yet the system not only fails to rise to these challenges, but instead new cracks appear. In this workshop, Dr Joan Chan will facilitate an exploration of the radical notion that each of us is the other humans in the rooms with our patients. Together we will walk towards the understanding that centring our own humanity is not only necessary for finding satisfaction and joy in our work, but it’s the most powerful vehicle for systemic change.

Instagram: @joanchanmd

Catherine Chan

The presenter Catherine Chan. BA BSW MSW RSW,  is a seasoned clinical social worker in community mental health, specializing in providing psychotherapy, clinical supervision, consultation, and senior management for services for clients experiencing trauma and transitions. In this context, she has worked extensively with clients in processing issues related to palliative care in a culturally responsive framework. 

Catherine accepted the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario award for the 2023 June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Volunteers, which acknowledged her contribution to volunteerism, which is complementary to her professional practice.

Michelle Hillier 

Michelle is on a quest for optimal wellness. Not only in her own life but for the lives of others. She is a sought-after educator, speaker (TEDx) and published author in wellness and movement education. Over the past 20 years she and her team have transformed millions of lives with the message of “when you move YOUR way, you can’t get it wrong!” through large crowd presentations, workshops, trainings, content creation and one-on-one coaching and experiences. Michelle is a certified yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, dance/movement specialist and recovery coach, and has been a part time faculty at Ontario Tech U and recently Sheridan College in the field of arts education and personal wellness.  Michelle seamlessly merged all her passions, skills, qualifications and personal experiences post-pandemic to create Breath + Fire. A platform to share her message with individuals, groups and organizations. She is here today to help us find our inner flames.

Instagram: @michelle_breathandfire