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How To Stay Safe in the Sun #Summer2020

May 9, 2022

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Image Source: Mohammad Asadi @Unsplash

​During the summertime, people spend a great amount of time in the sun. From cutting the grass to baseball games to swimming, so many of our daily activities happen outside.

Spending time in the sun has many health benefits, but it is important to take the right steps to protect your skin from the sun’s exposure. By taking precautionary measures, you can safely enjoy the sun and all the fun moments and memories that summertime brings.

The Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Spending time outside is important for both your mental and physical health. By spending time in the sun, you receive Vitamin D which is responsible for bone growth, cell growth, immunity, and lowering inflammation in your body. From a mental health perspective, spending time outside is extremely beneficial because it increases your serotonin amount, the hormone that helps lower stress levels and improves your mood.

How Much Time Should I Spend Outside?

Spending time outside looks different for everyone because some work outside while others spend time outside for recreational purposes. To receive an adequate amount of Vitamin D, you should be spending between 10-30 minutes in the sun several times a week. Whenever you spend time outdoors, it is important to stay safe in the sun and make necessary adjustments for your skin type.

​Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

Seek shade

Just like your body needs rest from physical activity, your body needs a break from the sun too. When outdoors, it is smart to seek shade either under natural elements like trees or architectural structures and even under umbrellas. Many parks and outdoor spaces around the city designated and created shaded areas for this purpose. So rest and remember that it is important to give your skin a break too.

Image Source: Antonio Gabola Xiomara @Unsplash

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen should be applied at least 15 minutes before going outside and every two hours after being outside; however, if you are swimming or sweating, sunscreen should be applied more frequently. Reapplying sunscreen is just as important as putting it on at the start.

When choosing a sunscreen, it is important to make sure the expiration date has not passed and to choose a broad-spectrum one because it protects against UVA and UVB rays. It is easy to overlook certain areas especially the ears, scalp, and lips (use a lip balm with SPF), but you should make sure you cover those areas with sunscreen too.

Wear protective clothing and gear

If you are going to be outside for a long time, you need to ensure you are wearing the right clothing and gear. Rash guards are great options for swimming, and long-sleeved shirts are ideal when doing construction or yard work. Wearing protective gear like wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses are important because they protect your face from the sun’s direct rays.

Avoid being in the sun during peak hours

Especially with young children, you should limit your time outside during peak hours when the sun’s rays are the harshest, and in most geographical areas, this is between 10 am and 2 pm. If you are out during these times, it is essential to make sure you are wearing the right protective clothing and gear, seeking shade, and applying sunscreen.

With summer upon us, we’re bound to be out in the heat and sun. However, it is critical that whatever time we spend in the great outdoors be spent with the right protective measures to keep us safe from the sun’s rays. Simple actions like seeking shade and wearing sunscreen can make a huge difference in our skin’s health and protect us from harmful sun exposure.

​By taking the right measures, you can safely enjoy your time in the sun.