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Creative Space Project: From a Dream to Reality

May 10, 2022

creative space project. from a dream to reality

Written and Illustrated by Sarvenaz Rayati, Creative Space Art Project Planner

October 1st, 2020 marks International Seniors Day. Today, we are celebrating seniors all over the world, especially the amazing and creative seniors who are a key part of our SCHC community. Please read below to learn more about the creative service program and how impactful it was.

I met Kerrin Churchill two years ago at an art workshop at Agincourt Library. Since then, a friendship and collaboration has formed between us. Kerrin had an idea to create a project in which seniors in the Scarborough community can come together to explore cultural spaces and to express their creativity through visits in artistic activities led by a professional artist.

Kerrin and her friend Susan MacDonald (both volunteers on this project), along with Navia Harry of the Active Living Centre at Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities, worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life.

A successful grant application was made to the New Horizons program and the first event of Creative Space was held on September 16. It was a beautiful sunny day, at the dreamy Guild Park and Gardens, a park known for its beautiful historical sculptures scattered all around the park.

 John Mason of Friends of the Guild provided a tour for a group of 12 seniors so they can learn more about the history and stories about the park and pieces within.

Artist Tara Dorey facilitated a drawing workshop for participants. Everyone gathered around the outdoor amphitheatre in the park where Tara talked about drawing, lines, and contour drawing. Everyone got tote bags prior the workshop with all the needed supplies for the session.

It was a wonderful experience for me, meeting new people and being in such a beautiful space. Pat(participant)

Each person then proceeded to explore the park and choose a sculpture to practice their contour drawing. After an hour and half and a few attempts, participants gathered once more at the amphitheatre to share their sketches and their experience of it with the group and received feedback from the artist.

Everyone was inspired and energized by the event and were keen to participate in future events by Creative Space. A few people in the park inquired if they could register as well. Despite the current challenges that we are facing, with following the health guidelines, organizers are determined to continue to bring joy, creativity and connectivity to the life of seniors in Scarborough through these unique visits and artist led workshops.

A pleasent afternoon was spend being outdoors and learning the history of the artifacts lcoated at the guild park and gardens. we also enjoyed the artist talk and lesson on countour drawing. Looking forward to upcoming outings. Cita (participant)

The next meeting for this group will be held on October 14th, 2020 at Scarborough Arts. There is currently a waiting list, but please contact if you are interested.

My afternoon spent at the guild park and gardens with our senior group was very enjoyable. I didn't think I had it in my to sit on a bench and simply try to sketch sculpture pieces by contour drawing, it was something differnt and fun. I've been continuing to do contour drawing, its pertty challenging. Jenny (Partcipant)