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April Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics

Update on Vaccine Availability

Book your 3rd booster Covid vaccine​

As of December 20, 2021 those 18+ years of age are now eligible for their 3rd dose (Covid-19 booster shot). The Scarborough COVID-19 Vaccine Team has begun administering 3rd doses by appointment only to eligible residents if at least six months have passed since their last dose. Book your appointment at one of the six vaccine clinic sites at one of the six vaccine clinic sites at, below are our new hours.

Upcoming Vaccination Events

Don’t miss out on any of the vaccination events (including information sessions) happening around Scarborough! This is your chance to attend these events, learn more about vaccines with our vaccine info booths and get vaccinated with our mobile vaccine clinic. See below for any current updates.Running from Valentine’s Day to Family Day, Vax The East: Scarborough will bring pop-up vaccination clinics to schools across Scarborough. For the full list of locations, dates, and more please go to

For all staff, students, volunteers, contractors, other health service providers and other visitors (not clients). 
Starting from October 15th 2021, as per the provincial directive, prior to visiting any SCHC sites it is mandated that the following screening be completed:
You can also access it by scanning the  QR Code.

Community Outreach Vaccine Engagement Project

As part of the City’s battle against COVID-19 and efforts to connect with vulnerable residents and communities across Toronto, the City of Toronto has awarded the Scarborough Center for Healthy Communities (SCHC) a grant to lead a Vaccine Engagement Project, a key part of the City’s COVID-19 Community Mobilization and Engagement Plan.

To target the areas that have been impacted most by COVID-19, SCHC has collaborated with 10 different institutions including grassroots level organizations across South Scarborough to implement this project.  The project recruited 21 ambassadors from different backgrounds with multi-lingual skills (Arabic, Bengali, Dari, English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, and Tamil) to ensure equitable access to vaccines.
To find out more about the ambassadors and their role, please read our blog article on Kashmira, an ambassador with The Housing Help Centre, just one of our community partners. See our flyer to the left for more information and how to contact.

Vax Facts for Parents & Children

See the document below to learn more about the vaccine for children and other helpful resources for parents regarding the vaccine.

Pop-Up Clinics

Visit this page regularly and follow us on our social media for further updates on future popup dates outside of our clinic from us or other organizations. If you are not able to book at our Vaccine Clinic (see below) you can also view this document to see which other places you can get your vaccine in the Westhill neighbourhood in Scarborough.

Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic @ The Hub

That’s right, we transformed The Hub into a Covid-19 Vaccination clinic. Please see our flyer to the right to see what is expected, if you want to know if you or someone you know is eligible check here prior to booking. Anyone who is concerned can confirm their appointment by calling 416-580-6741 or 1 888 385 1910 or by emailing ​Please go to for updates, but as of now you can  book for first and second doses at our clinic! 

Other Scarborough Clinics & Vaccine Booking

Here are the other current vaccine clinics we are aware of. Please go to for updates and more info. Also see below for more information about the Vax Facts clinic as it is a special service from registered health experts to answer your questions about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 Immunization Policy

Please view our updated and revised Covid-19 Immunization policy here.

Town Hall

 SCHC has created a town hall page so you can be informed of the town hall events we will host, including dates, speakers, and languages so you can become more informed as well as get your questions answered. 

Recent Town Hall

Although it’s not really a town hall, we wanted to create an informative but fun event to help educate the youth about COVID-19 & the vaccine. 

Past Town Halls

If you would like to learn more about our Town Hall and see more of our prior recordings, click the link here. %2F&referer_video_id=6987052630015020294&refer=embed


4 Steps to Take for Self-Protection
View this infographic from Toronto Public Health that highlight 4 steps we can all take to keep ourselves safe during the pandemic, view the graphic hereWearing A High Quality Mask
View this infographic from Toronto Public Health to know what kind of mask you should wear, what to look for, and more here.4 Basic Steps You Can Take to Self-Protect
View this infographic from Toronto Public Health to see 4 basic steps you can easily do to keep everyone, especially yourself, safe. View here.Why the Moderna Booster is Very Effective & Recommended for At-Risk Populations
View this infographic to learn about why the Moderna Booster is very effective, especially for certain populations. View here.Pregnancy and Covid-19 Vaccinations FAQ
If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and are hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, Ontario’s Ministry of Health got you covered. View this document in english or in french to find your answers to frequently asked questions.Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a COVID Vaccine
This is a great video produced by Greater Than Covid team who created “The Conversation #BetweenUsAboutUs” series of videos. In this video W. Kamau Bell talks to Doctors to get their response and you can watch the video here and check out their channel for more great and informative videos including providing more information about the variants. The Conversation #BetweenUsAboutUs
This is a great series of helpful videos featuring black doctors, nurses and researchers who dispel misinformation and provide accessible facts about the COVID vaccines. To watch all the clips and for more info watch hereIs the COVID-19 vaccine safe for kids 12+?
Take a look at this infographic to answer your questions about the Covid-19 vaccine related to kids 12+. Vax Facts
In collaboration with SHN, our SOHT partner, we wanted to share with you Vax Facts. The Vax Facts Clinic connects you with qualified doctors who understand that you may have questions or concerns, or just want to learn more about the vaccine and COVID-19. See this document that answers frequently asked questions, and how to use Vax FactsThe Long Weekend Trend
Here’s a helpful infographic that shows the trend that occurs during long weekends, we as a community need to reverse. Review it hereWhich vaccine is best for me?
Review this document when thinking about the vaccine you will get. You can review it here.How does the vaccine help against variants?
To learn more about how the vaccine helps against variants review this document hereCovid-19 Variants
If you are not sure about the COVID-19 variants & what you can do see our latest infographic here and visit NCCID’s website for more information about the vaccine here.   Ramadan
For those celebrating Ramadan there are  a lot of questions about fasting, the vaccine, and how to celebrate during this pandemic. Thankfully the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force has prepared a series of helpful infographics to answer these questions which you can review here.Information about the Vaccine 
If you wanted to know more information about the vaccine please read here. For more information about the approval process and safety, click here for english or click here for french. For more information about the administration of the vaccine click here, and to gain more insight about managing health care workers with symptoms within 48 hours after receiving the vaccine click here. For most up to date information from Toronto Public Health, please visit here

What to know about the Vaccine 
Since there are many questions about the vaccine, here’s a few answers to commonly asked questions about the vaccine which you can find here

What Can I do Until I Get The Vaccine?
If you are not sure about what to do until the vaccine is widely available, check out this infographic. For Spanish, click here

Facts vs Myths about the Vaccine
There’s a lot of false information about the vaccine, this infographic helps provide facts to those myths. Check it out here. This is also available in SpanishKoreanTraditional & Simplified Chinese.

Ontario’s Lockdown Colour Codes 
If you are not familiar with the colour codes of COVID 19, more specifically for Ontario please view this infographic to learn more. 

How to Celebrate the Holidays Safely
This holiday season will feel very different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. View this infographic to learn more on how you can enjoy the holidays while still being safe. 

Visitor & Social Gathering Guidelines
This infographic provides guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to having visitors or attending social gatherings. 

Sick and Tired of Covid19?
If you are getting sick hearing about COVID 19, please understand we all need to do our part. Here’s some things we should all do during these times to help get through this. Please feel free to download and share. Also available in Tamil, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). 

Shopping during Covid19
Shopping during a pandemic can be a bit tricky, but here are some helpful guidelines that will help keep you safe.

If you wanted to learn more about testing for COVID 19 from what it is to who’s eligible, please view this document

For more information about screening, you can see these posters prepared by Toronto Public Health in EnglishFrenchTamil, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). 

How does it spread?
To learn how COVID 19 spreads, please view this helpful infographic in EnglishFrenchTamil, and Chinese (simplified).

Contacting Health Providers Virtually
Did you know you can still connect with your health provider virtually? Learn more about Ontario Telemedicine Network’s e-visits, here and for french readers, an overview of their services here

Different Services Available
If you wanted to view a list of the different services available and helpful numbers to call for further assistance please see this document prepared by the Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT) here


June 23, 2021
COVID-19 vaccine- relevant information and Planning resources (click here)
June 22 2020
Letter to Stakeholders for June 22nd changes to programs and services (click here)

May 29 2020 Updates for June 1st 2020

Letter to Stakeholders for June 1st 2020 changes to programs and services (click here)
Ontario Ministry Covid-19 Newsroom-
Ontario Temporary Pandemic Pay Update- 22 2020
NEW listing of SCHC Programs/Services during Pandemic

April 20 2020

Additional Resources
COVID-19: Housing Protection for Tenants –
COVID-19: New Canada Emergency Response Benefit –
COVID-19: EI Sick Benefits and changes –
Financial Supports:  03.25_financial_supports_summary_final_updated_3_30_pm.pdf
Financial Supports:  information_regarding_april_ontario_works_payments.pdf
Public Health Resources:
Mental Health Resources:
Legal Audio Resources:

​All Scarborough Residents.
If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has it, you can go to: to help determine if you need to seek further care.  Please note that you will need to visit that website in order to get testing at the recently established Covid-19 Assessment Centres in Scarborough. 

Attention ALL Clients!!
If you have a cough and/or a fever and you, or someone close to you, recently travelled OR, you have interacted with someone with COVID-19 please do not attend your program and/or appointment. 
Instead, please call Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 or your local Public Health office at 416-338-7600
Or you can access the self-assessment tool on Government of Ontario website at  Thank you.

NOTICE that all cancellations and closures are effective until further notified.

Currently still operating with pre-packaged boxes/bags on Wednesday 12:30pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 2:00pm to 4:30pm and Friday 10:30am to 1:00pm.

Still serving clients with frozen meal options.

Please be advised that our Adult Day Centre has closed until further notice.

MARCH 16, 2020

At Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community, our clients and our dedicated staff.  As you know we are faced with a rapidly changing environment due to the risk of COVID-19.  Along with adhering to our Infection Prevention and Control policies we are taking, and we are continuing to make, our decisions based on the guidance of the most current recommendations found at Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health.
 As such, based on recommendations from the City of Toronto , effective Monday March 16th, the following services are being closed for at least a two week period:
Early ON programming
All Active Living Centre programs​
All group programs are suspended, including congregrate dining
All training and events are postponed
Volunteer and student placement services are suspended
​Income tax clinic has been cancelled
Hub hours have changed to:  Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, closed Sat and Sun
Any programs that are being run out of City of Toronto buildings, are cancelled, including schools and recreation centres.​


Today, Monday, March 16th, a decision was made to suspend all volunteer interactions, no matter what program you are associated with. This means no volunteers will be coming to SCHC locations for their shifts.  We anticipate these measures to be in place until April 5th.  We re-evaluate as new information becomes available and let you know of any changes as we decisions are made.
 We are committed to ensuring critical services are maintained for our clients and appreciate the vital role, you as volunteers, play in delivering these services so where necessary we are modifying how we provide services to ensure our clients best needs are met.
 If you would like to help and you are a current Meals on Wheels volunteer, we may be setting up some client community safety phone calls that you could assist with, from your home. Please email if you would like to make these calls, if required.
 Some of you have reached out asking to help the community.  If you want to help further, we always gratefully accept cash donations. /donate-now.html

We will keep you posted with updates/changes here and by email as they occur. Thank you and please stay healthy.


The Hub continues to operate with an abundance of caution to ensure the health of our community with respect to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Containment of spread and protection of our community requires a concerted and coordinated effort from all.
As a result the following precautionary steps are being implemented effective March 17th through April 5th inclusive:
Hub hours are being reduced to Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Saturdays.
Groups for clients/communities are cancelled.
The Hub 10th anniversary event is being postponed.


COVID-19 Fact Sheet (Toronto Public Health)

COVID-19 Fact Sheet (Toronto Public Health) 
Self-Isolation Instructions (Public Health Ontario)
Self-Monitor Instructions (Public Health Ontario)
Caregiver Instructions (Public Health Ontario)
Ministry of Health’s online self-assessment
 Travel Advisories